About Us

Who We Are & What We Do?

Prasad Novelties is a Manufacturer , Wholesaler , C&F agent and Retailer of imitation jewellery in South India, it has built up its image which symbolizes commitment, quality and class.

Our focus remains on innovation and offer the consistent quality at a price which gives the best value for money and are constantly adapted to meet the need of the customers. No wonder that every designer front or carrier is a work of art, an expression of emotion that has been honed to perfection.

After all these we entered a retailing world with a brand called "Sthri Elite" which is chain of Imitation Jewellery Retail Stores.

Women, especially belonging to middle class, who were worried lot with the sky rocketing prices of gold, which has crossed Rs.4,800 mark in the bullion market, are now content at least, that this is within their reach.

With the latest trend in the gold jewellery with umpteen designs hitting the market, every girl wishes to own them and this Forming Jewellery has to certain extent tries to fulfil their desires. These Forming Jewellery is so close to genuine ones that it is impossible to differentiate between the original gold jewellery and others, which makes the buyer confident to wear them

Sthri Elite has come up successfully to offers everyone their own jewellery wishes.